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Violation of Probation/Early Case Resolution - Sarasota

Author: Matt Peters

Does a felony Violation of Probation Warrant with no bond result in being confined in the Sarasota County Jail until a Violation of Probation Hearing Date? Not necessarily.

When facing a felony Violation of Probation (VOP) warrant with no bond, my clients typically ask: “how long will I be stuck in jail before I can resolve the case? Do I have to wait for the arraignment and then for a VOP hearing to be held?” Fortunately in Sarasota County, the answer may be no. Depending on the facts and circumstance of the case, a VOP may be able to be resolved and the probationer released from custody in as little as a week by taking advantage of early case resolution (ERC).

In Sarasota County, the ECR docket is generally held on Friday mornings and is presided over by one of the Circuit Criminal Judges on a rotating basis. If the parties agree on a suitable resolution to the VOP, an individual can be transported from jail and given the opportunity to quickly resolve the matter. By taking the initiative and negotiating a favorable resolution with The Florida Department of Corrections and the State Attorney’s Office, a VOP may be able to be resolved at ECR, which in some circumstances will result in the immediate release from custody.

If you are facing a VOP warrant and would like to discuss your options and the best course of action for you, please give me a call.

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